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Nitro 3 CMS

For those of you who are just starting to work in advertising, printing, or simply
opened his first business and need advertising, we have prepared a set of key concepts that are worth
would be learned, before the visit in the printing. There are four factors that most often need to specify, to make
in the printing order, ie the number of colors (CMYK or Pantone), paper weight, quantity, and what is to be applied
finish printing (eg, folding)

CMYK - a set of four basic colors of inks, which consist of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black. CMYK Abbreviation submission was made as the first letters of the English color names. The final letter K can mean either the last letter of the word black (black) or a shortcut key color (color key).

RGB - Its name comes from when the first letters of the English names of colors: R - red (red), G - green (green) and B - blue (blue), which happens to be the model. What is the difference between CMYK and RGB? The colors correspond to the basic CMYK colors of reflected light: cyan (light blue), magenta (purple), Yellow (yellow) and black (black). These are the colors most often used when printing. The combination of RGB light gives white light, it is said that the color "complement to gray" because the RGB color model is a model of additive, while the combination of CMYK produces black and all colors is obtained by subtracting the different colors in different proportions - hence the model substraktywny. Therefore it is not physically possible to the exact color reproduction as seen on our screens.

Pantone - Pantone (Color) Matching System (PMS) is a color identification system developed by Pantone inc. from the USA.
Colors are marked with a number (eg PMS 130) with additional markings such as fluorescence properties, metallicity, etc. The basic scale describes the 1114 colors. They are formed by mixing 15 pigments (including white and black). Pantony are printed only for special request of our customers. These are not the standard colors that can be achieved with CMYK.
Bleed is a fragment of printing-press, which should go beyond the area that will be published. Bleed printing should behave in order to gain assurance that the paper will be printed from shore to shore, when we make special machines cut sheet. Bleed printing is of particular importance for the sheets of printed background.

Offset printing - is a type of printing where the image is transferred from the aluminum matrix by reflection on a drum covered with rubber to a substrate, usually paper. Hence the name often used - indirect printing. This is a very cheap method of implementing a large number of prints in the shortest possible time.
Offset printing can be divided into sheet and spiral (Web-fed). Print spiral is used when printing high volume work such as newspapers, periodicals and magazines. Printed sheet apply to other forms: posters, flyers, brochures, labels, catalogs, newsletters and other publicity.

Folding - is a term associated with mass printing, or production of printed materials. This term is used interchangeably with the word folding. You can also talk about the breaking of the print. To ensure that each page of the document will be arranged in proper order, it is necessary to their proper folding or fracture. Very important thing is to check whether złamy run parallel to the direction of the fiber. When the sheet is folding in more than one direction - this is called cross-folding - fold runs along the back of the product must be parallel to the direction of the fiber. If the fold runs perpendicular to the fiber direction, there is a