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Nitro 3 CMS

Terms of orders


      In our industry, we often meet with various errors in the arts, which may make the waiting time
becomes longer in print. Therefore, to avoid unnecessary problems prior to the order of printing, we recommend that you adhere to the following entries.


Files submitted in Corel Draw and PDF files are considered by the printing press as the files closed. You can verify the correctness and consideration of revising the materials submitted by the Customer. In this case, please send the information to ask "CHECKING THE COMPOSITION FULL" when ordering. Client in this situation shall file for approval on your e-mail.


Note all files in the format will be automatically converted CDR to PDF with the exchange of CMYK colors with the exception of orders in the PANTONE colors.

Please pay special attention to the color conversion from Corel Draw, and to maintain an appropriate distance from the cutting line, consistent with the specification.

All fonts must be converted to curves.


  In the case of PDF files exported from Corel Draw to avoid errors in print, select all the photos and objects to work and combine it with the background - converted to a bitmap.

  In connection with the possibility of errors in generation of PDF files in vector form and not as a bitmap from Adobe Photoshop, the resulting files from Adobe Photoshop should be saved as TIFF without layers - flattened. Printing DOES NOT ASSUME responsibility for incorrectly generated PDF files from Adobe Photoshop, and wrong files generated by Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw converted by other software such as Adobe Indesign.